Get a Client Meeting Now!

Without The Gut Wrenching Pain Of Cold Calling

Dear Consultant,

I’m Raglan Tribe and I run a consulting company that helps companies with their new product development and marketing.  I’ve won millions of pounds of consulting contracts.   So in this current climate, I get asked all the time by friends who are losing their jobs or looking for a change, just how do you go about starting a consulting business and finding clients?

So today, I’m doing something completely different; I’ve pulled together a free content packed online course that shows you how to build your own consulting business. In particular, how do you book your schedule solid so that potential clients have to fight for your services by paying higher and higher fees?

Starting Consulting Business and Finding Clients

Now you’ve probably already got a lot of experience of solving work related problems in your own field. And you’re probably wondering how do you take all your knowledge and experience and apply it to helping new clients. In fact, this course shows you how you can even arrange a meeting with a prospective client today without the gut wrenching pain of cold calling.


Well, put your name and email details into the box by this video and I’ll show you exactly how you can win new clients that will help you build a lucrative consulting career.

Wishing you great consulting success,

Raglan Tribe,

Managing Director,
Mindsheet Limited

“Great clarity, extremely well laid out. Fascinated to hear how to generate recognisable value at each step. Can’t wait to see the other videos.”
Dr. Kim Stansfield, Biztek-i
“You got my attention. Looking forward to your next video!”
Veron Goemans
“Got myself all settled down with a cuppa and am now impatient for video two!”
Stuart Pearce
“Well presented, simple concept and clearly put across”
Tim Stell, HR Management Support Ltd
“Great videos, you had me fully engaged all the way through. I was eagerly waiting for the next one in the series and what a lot of content you’ve given away for free.”
Chris Burgess, CB Information Systems